Keith is a very lovely gentleman new to the country circuit,
He sings , anything from the old country to the modern line dance country songs, and will try to accommodate all.
Last night 3/2/18 was Keith’s stage debut at Ramsey Forty Foot, where he amazed the audience with his wonderful voice.
If anyone would like any information on booking Keith for their country music event please contact Jen on 01733 209844 or 07904601816 alternatively Email at  jen.davewhiting@googlemail.

There has only been one real love in my life, that’s been music in any shape or form.
From the age of six I can remember being fascinated by anything musical.
My first memory was standing on tip-toe peeking over the top of my Dad’s homebuilt radiogram watching the records playing,
Listening to the music and feeling the air being moved by the speaker .
I loved listening to all types of music through the years , including rock’n’roll, blues, 70s pop, world music and much more.
However my greatest love has always been country music .
My early influences are Hank
Lefty and Merle, followed by Rodger Miller, Ronnie Milsap and the likes of Alan Jackson, George Strait and Ricky Van Shelton.
I also enjoy the more recent up tempo dance music such as Lonely Drum, Champagne Promise and country ‘belters’ like Countryholic.
My singing to entertain has been limited as I never had the confidence to push myself enough to live the dream that I felt I had within me.
I would singalong with my heroes and think ‘maybe I could do that’ but that’s where I always left the dream , never believing it could be.
I did briefly sing in a school musical at the age of 13 but that was my only singing experience.
At the age of 55 I vowed that if life was so bad that I didn’t know what came next I would leave the old life behind and try to live my dreams.
Last year I left my office job realising the toxic environment can poison you , make you so miserable and a shadow of your true self.
I started going to country music clubs and had the pleasure of meeting Jen and Dave Whiting who along with new friends Dave and Mandy Inglis helped me realise that the dream could and would come true, with their help, support and advice, I have started to live the dream and turned it into reality. 
I have just done my first live country club performance, an interval set at Ramsey Forty Foot village hall and received a promising reaction from the White  Buffalo ‘ family’ as I like to refer to them.
Even though I was a little nervous I could see the audience, listening, singing along, dancing and enjoying themselves.
I really value the support of every single friend in my audience who enjoy my singing. If they are happy I’m happy. !!!!!!!!
The dream.......The reality.........Continues 

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